I Must Have an Inflatable Bumble…is an inflatable Bumble!  I’ve been wanting one for years and cannot seem to find one anywhere.  It’s one of my secret obsessions…The Bumble!  Who doesn’t love abominable snowmen (or snow monsters)?

My family usually goes out of the way to let me drive past the few homes in New Orleans that have one, but it’s getting harder and harder to find one.  The one closest to my home is no longer there, the home was sold, and The Bumble is gone.  I wish I could have told those people how much I enjoyed seeing it during the holidays.

Just like anything that gets retired, the inflatable Bumble was limited and a collectible, so those are selling for hundreds of dollars, more than I can afford.  I’ll continue buying little Bumbles here and there, just like the recent animated one that plays Burl Ives singing, “A Holly Jolly Christmas” with some Bumble roars mixed into it.

BumbleHope your holiday season, whatever you celebrate, is off to a great start.