Last night, I decided to fix a frozen coffee.  Yummy!  While I was in the cupboard getting everything to blend up a frozen drink on a chilly night, I shifted gears and zoned in on the big box of Splenda that we bought at a Costco that opened a few months ago.  coconutOn top of the Splenda box was a rather large jar of organic coconut oil that my husband really, really, really had to buy…at Costco, of course.  There’s something about the smell of coconut oil that turns me off, but no big deal if it’s something he likes.

The Splenda box caught my eye because the dainty, little crystal holder that I reach for when I need a Splenda packet was almost empty.  I moved the obnoxiously large jar of essential, wondrous, and fragrant organic coconut oil and grabbed a handful of Splenda packets.  As I turned, the jar fell right on top of my “good” foot.  It hurt like a sumnabitch.  I couldn’t talk it was so painful.  I hobbled in pain to the living room hating, I mean really hating, that damn jar of coconut oil.

peasMy husband was in the kitchen and sweetly asked if I needed the frozen peas.  Yes, I most certainly needed the frozen peas.  We are so prepared for bo-bos around here.  He grabbed a hand towel and wrapped it around a huge bag of frozen peas and told me to go lie down.  Propped up on some pillows with my bag-o-peas, I felt like asking if he’d make me a frozen coffee.  I didn’t ask because I remember how much he dreaded making those for me when I was bedridden after my accident.

I knew I married the right man before my wedding day, and that never changed.  coffee 1However, when faced with the dreadful and physically and emotionally difficult task of taking care of me, which included carrying me and lifting me like dead weight and he never balked or made me feel like an inconvenience, I KNEW I had married the right man.  Words cannot describe how deeply intense the feeling of knowing your mate and life partner will do anything for you, no matter how many year have passed or wrinkles have appeared–true love truly knows no bounds–except blending up a frozen coffee.

Back to last night, though, I didn’t have the heart to ask.  While I sat there immobilized with my peas, I flashed back to him taking care of me immediately after my accident.  Since my accident happened on a holiday weekend, I was sent home after they snapped my foot back in place at the ankle.  Propofol is a helluva drug, by the way.  The bones were shattered and jagged and basically floating until they could schedule my surgery after the holiday.  clockUntil surgery (and several months afterward), I was stuck, like a rock, in my bed.  My dear husband set an alarm and would jump up and give me my numerous medications every few hours.  After waking up for my 3 am dose, I told him I also needed the pain meds.  He asked if I was sure and I assured him that it was due.

After swallowing a doubled-up dose, I realized I had, in fact, just taken a doubled-up dose an hour or two before that.  I won’t go into numbers or names of meds, but it was dangerous.  My husband got in touch with the emergency room and they said that it was probably not lethal, but to definitely not let me go to sleep or be left alone for any length of time because it *could* be fatal.  Ugh!  It’s 3 am, we’re exhausted, but I must say that soon afterwards, I was FINALLY feeling some relief from the pain.

We sat in bed trying to find something on television that wasn’t an hour-long infomercial about blenders, grills, garden hoses, or the worst of all for someone in my condition, some boot camp video that could prepare me to become a Navy SEAL.  b buttonsIt took a while, but we finally found a movie, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.  We hadn’t seen it, and as a bonus, it was partially filmed in New Orleans so we could enjoy identifying spots that we knew.

Midway, my husband fixed us a HUGE, elaborate breakfast and we ate in bed and watched the movie.  We chatted a lot about all sorts of things, some serious and some silly because he needed to keep me awake.  During the movie, the sky changed from dark to bright, and afterwards we drifted off to a peaceful sleep.  It was one of my favorite moments in my life, but not for the normal reasons.  I knew it when it was happening.  hands togetherI remember a mom once commenting on something that we were talking about, she said, “It’s the big things that become little, and the little things that become big.”

Regardless of how tough something might seem, remember that even the big deals will pass.  What really deserves our attention and should stop us in our tracks are those little moments when love proves itself to be real.