streetcarLike a lot of people that decide to write a blog, putting my thoughts into words is the real purpose.  My dream has always been that my kids will one day read my posts and hear my voice.  For me, like normal and sane people, it’s an online diary that also affords the opportunity to interact with people from anywhere in the world.  How great is that?

My blog has never been about hits or the number of comments.  As a matter of fact, after hitting a few thousand, I stopped counting.  It wasn’t my purpose, and it wasn’t my goal.  I don’t need to lie about millions of hits or approve any old comment because it feeds an ego.  I don’t need to make up fake screen names to comment on my blog or praise myself about what a witty writer I am.  I don’t need to put widgets to show the numbers following my blog.  kidsI don’t need to do any of that because it’s not why I’m here.

My blog is all about my words being here for my kids to return to when I am no longer physically here, and the splendid bonus of being able to interact with YOU.  I am thankful for the wonderful, and very real, people that come to my blog.  It is genuinely quality over quantity.

When I hear from people in comments or get a new follower, it’s a happy day, a really super happy day.  I like and appreciate people, and I especially like the people that gravitate towards my blog.  It’s intended to be peaceful, like I usually am in real life.  It’s to focus on the small things in life that make me feel connected and alive, whether it’s art, music, an insect, food, pets…things I want to share.  If someone comes to my blog, I want them to feel welcome and appreciated.

There have been times, though, when darkness creeps out and some of my pain and sadness surface.  kitten kissI try to limit those, but I’m only human.  One day, though, I want to tell my story because I think the story of katrina and its impact on people needs to never be forgotten.  Now is not the time.

Please know how much I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog.  I am humbled and honored, always have been.  This is my online home, and I am glad you stopped by today.