Sketchy_vanAbout a month ago, I read about a feral feline feeder in the suburbs.  Apparently, this gentleman drives around in his car at a very slow pace, and the moment he sees a cat, he grabs a scoop of cat food from a big container on his passenger’s seat and flings it in the direction of the kitty.  Shazaam.  Wham, bam, feed the kitty, ma’am.

It’s no secret that police forces are stretched thin dealing with serious crimes, but now this scofflaw just had to pick up that gargantuan bucket of Kitty Chow at the local warehouse club, load it onto the front seat of his car to ride shotgun with him, and then set out feeding the forgotten felines.  People are upset and calling for action.  They do not like those salmon and chicken flavored morsels thrown wildly onto their lawns.

raccoonsI see their point, and the point of their city officials.  It is not a good thing to have some guy spraying lawns with food that will not only feed the cats, but also rats and animals like raccoons.  fiesta timeIt sounds funny, but I don’t know if I’d find it funny if there was a stray cat that just so happened to be taking a siesta on my lawn when this guy came cruising around–from feline siesta to feline fiesta.

Then again, I deal with a lot worse that wanders around my neighborhood.  Living in the middle of the city, I expect the unexpected.  Some guy wanting to feed cats and throwing a scoop of cat food isn’t that bad compared to walking outside and finding someone shooting up heroin outside of your door or burglarizing a home.

What I’d really like to know, though, is what drives this guy to do it?  It’s a big step from putting a dish of food out for a stray to loading up the car with buckets of cat food and cruising the streets.

A couple of years after katrina, a tenant of an apartment in the block took only one of his cats.  He would show up every now and then and put a flea collar on the abandoned cat, then quickly drive away.  The cat stayed because she didn’t really know what else to do.

We started feeding her, but only that one cat, and on our property.  Eventually, several neighbors started to help feed her and she has become a neighborhood cat.  white kittyShe is spayed and we all look out for her.  For the safety of the cat and our neighborhood, I’m taking her to the vet to keep her shots up-to-date.  Everyone in the neighborhood knows her, and many people stop their bikes to sit on the sidewalk and play with her.

Even though this “stranger with cat food” needs to tweak his current approach, I hope he never stops helping animals in need.