Reblogging this from last year. Hope you’re having a great Labor Day and final run of summer before fall gets here. My dear little dwarf bunny is very ill, so I was unable to edit a post that I had started for the 8th anniversary of katrina. I’m holding him and sleeping with him to comfort him as much as he comforted me during my darkest moments after katrina. Those closest to me have dreaded this time because they all know that I rely on the comfort I receive holding him as much as I rely on air to breathe. If you’re so inclined, a prayer for us and comfort for my precious little guy would be appreciated. Thank you. xoxoxo


I wish you a very Happy Labor Day filled with smiles and laughter, good company, and yummy food

Things are returning to normal in my area, but there are still people dealing with Hurricane Isaac.  It was a long, long storm.  People are tired and anxious for electricity to be restored, and also to repair damages and clean up.

I plan to write soon, but I am still recuperating from the heat and dehydration.  Thank you to the very sweet people that tweeted and posted messages.  You know who you are, and I’m hoping you know how special and dear you are to me.

It wasn’t hard to laugh every now and then during the storm.  I’ll be back in a day or two.

BelowSeaLevel, xoxo

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