water…unless you boil it first.  Had the English poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge been alive today in uptown New Orleans, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner might have turned out a little differently.  Maybe it would have included something about safe to use your dishwasher with the sanitizing feature or shake water after you boil it if the flat taste is offensive.

It is hard to believe that any major city in America could have boil orders issued as frequently as the east bank of Orleans parish.  What is becoming infuriating is how late the boil orders are issued–often after people have made coffee with tap water or brushed their teeth.  Even if the tests ultimately come back clean and safe, it makes one feel queasy during the wait, mentally counting out how many cups of coffee were consumed that morning.

weinermobileTo me, the water purification process and the means to bring it into my home are magic, wonderful potable water magic.  I don’t like it when they take my magic away.

Well, even with the boil order, it’s still a wonderful day in New Orleans.  The Oscar Mayer Weinermobile is in town celebrating National Hot Dog Day at both Dat Dog locations, the First Lady is in town and stopped by a grocery store opened by Wendell Pierce, and every night is a good night on Frenchmen Street.

See ya later.  I’m running low on bottled water, and really need to get to the store.