nurse holding babyThe title of this post has been in my head for a while, and the back story has been playing out for years.  It is a story that reduces me to a mushy mess, enough tears to flood the Mississippi River.  It’s not a sad story, but instead, one of the most beautiful in my life.  This is for you, my precious Angel.

A perfect baby boy was born.  He was so beautiful and peaceful, even the nurses fell under his spell, taking him from his Mum every chance they could.  His Mum had to buzz the nurses station constantly telling them to bring him back, that she wanted a turn holding her little Angel, too.  He was–and remains–breathtakingly beautiful and sweet and gentle.

This beautiful baby grew, thriving with the love of many.  He was born with a brilliant mind and sense of humor.  He questioned everything around him, antique toy 1including why his Daddy couldn’t stay and play every day.  Believing honesty is the best policy, his parents had a heart-to-heart with the little toddler and told him that adults need to work, that Daddy needed to go make some money to buy the trucks and toys that he liked to play with.

Every day, when his Daddy would hug him and kiss him and tell him how much he loved him before leaving for work, moneyboth would have a few tears forming in their eyes.  At first, the toddler would cry, so his parents reminded him that Daddy needed to go to work.  After a while, with a few tears still forming in his eyes, he dealt with it by telling his Daddy, “Go make some money.”

commencement in the 50sWhat had been a hard separation every morning became funny with a giggle.

That beautiful baby has made us the proudest parents of any child ever born.  To say that he is handsome, smart, brilliant, resilient, kind, talented, a true friend, mature, passionate, hilarious, compassionate, and gentle–these are all accurate and only scratch the surface of describing what a dynamic and extraordinary young man he is. finally

So, my precious Angel, now that you have rightfully earned your college degree with a major and a minor in areas in which you are naturally talented beyond belief, I tell you with tears in my eyes and a proud smile, “Go make some money.”

Don’t ever let your genius, talent, and God-given gifts go to waste.  YOU have the world by the tail!