candleWhen I got back home this evening, I was looking at a local news website and saw the headline that Tommie Elton Mabry passed away.  It can be accessed by clicking here.  Reading Elton’s writings on the walls of a unit in the B.W. Cooper housing development, it is amazing how succinctly he captured what life was like after katrina.

One memory I have of returning to my home–no neighbors around, the electricity cut from every home for blocks and blocks–was the wind.  There was silence, total silence.  It was only a month after katrina had passed, everything was dead and brown, the contents of strangers’ homes strewn around and then randomly dumped by the flooding.  There were no bugs, no birds, no dogs, no cats, and no people.  The wind was so eerie.  If a vehicle was approaching, you’d hear it well in advance.  One would hope it’s a van bringing food and water, or military police in humvees.

When I read the original article about Mr. Mabry, I could feel deep down inside the frustration, boredom, sadness, desperation, hunger…everything.  His writings are real.

If you are interested, click here for the link to the original story about his writings/diary.  Again, a beautifully written piece about this man that speaks volumes.