beautiful bunnyThere’s a version of The Rainbow Bridge for bunnies, which I would love to believe is true.  There’s a huge hole left by her passing.

The Rainbow Bridge,  Author Unknown

There is a special place known as the land of rainbows–a special place where our little ones go when they leave their physical body on earth–and cross into another state of being

Just a thought away, in another dimension, this place is safe, sweet, and holds all that brings joy to it’s inhabitants

When a bunny passes away, that bunny goes across the rainbow bridge to this special place.

There in their new home, there are green meadows, perfect Timothy and fresh hays- lovely veggies and fruits and all the treats they love. Sweet dandelion and basil grow all year long and fresh streams provide water that is crystal clear.

In this lovely land, all our bunnies hop and play, doing binkies and finding everything that brings them peace, comfort and joy- Here in this land every bunny is in perfect health, all injuries are gone, all ailments disappear.
In this wonder filled land your bunny lives in peace and harmony with other rabbits as well as other animals and makes friends easily with everyone.

One special aspect of the land of rainbows is the rainbow bridge-
Some think that this bridge is for crossing over to the land only – We have come to realize that the bridge can offer a road that allows the bunny and you to come and go freely, to visit anytime.

Yes, you may also use this bridge and visit with your bunny!- quietly close you eyes and visualize your sweet little friend and the bridge, softly see the translucent rainbow and look for your friend to appear and come to you-
Eventually, when your mind is quiet and you understand these aspects and your heart is at peace, you may actually move yourself through this bridge to them as they wish so that you may visit anytime.

We are invisible in the land of rainbows, as the rabbit is invisible here on earth- But together where ever you are, you can see each other and you can hold and love your bunny as always. They may jump for joy at seeing you- You are free to visit in spirit anytime. Continue your loving ways. Remember your special friend.

In this beautiful sun filled land our friends are warm and comfortable. All the animals who had been ill and hurt are restored to health and vigor; those who were inured or maimed are made whole and strong again. so as you see them they may look a bit different – but it is really your friend.

All the animals in this place are happy and content. They will often try to visit with you. We only need be still to see and make this connection.

In their land, they all run and play together, having a new adventure or a calm relaxing day in their lush new home. Whenever they aren’t too busy having fun they will think of you or they will come to visit you during times when you focus on them. They don’t mind it if you need to visit with them often. To them time is endless and everywhere- they always have time for you-

Hopping over the green grass they can learn to travel through the bridge to see you anytime. Eventually you can learn to visit them in their place.

When you can visit there, they will know when you arrive and will be waiting for you- they always know. Such knowing bunnies they are.

Please understand that your little friend and companion is peaceful and happy. They are loved and in perfect comfort. Know that they will always be there waiting for you with happy binkies, loving nudges and kisses, playful bounds of love expressing happiness that you are there.

Remember your beloved friend may have crossed the bridge yet they will also always be with you right here on this earth-they remain forever in your memories and in your heart.

Love to you – sweet kisses to your beloved – blessings on their path & yours