There are moments that define all of us, good or bad.  As I reminisce about Thanksgiving, I am reminded of one relative by marriage (someone that a relative of mine married) that is always a source of strong emotions.  She drives everyone insane, all 400 pounds of her.  She is so pushy and obnoxious, always butting into every conversation with her uneducated opinion and unwanted viewpoint.

She was tenacious, keeping her wine glass full of wonderful wine brought by a couple that own a wine shop.  Known for her go-to contribution of a jug of cheap wine, no one ever drinks from the jug of wine, so she finishes it off by herself after already consuming more than her share of “the good stuff”.

Last Thanksgiving, everyone was irritated that she went to the one comfy chair and passed out, snoring while everyone sat on hard chairs watching the football game.  She passed out because she had a very large glass, the biggest wine glass she could find in her guest’s home, and kept it full.  Problem was, it wasn’t a wine glass, it was a candle holder.

So, as our guest’s home was filled with lovely hurricane candle holders, potted plants, and vases, we giggled, looking around at all of the beautiful wine glass possibilities.  Cheers!