Hi there!  Happy Halloween!  I have a lot of stuff going on that is keeping me away from the computer, but I do miss being here.  Rather than staying away, I’m going to try to write some quickie posts to at least stay in touch.

So, do you have favorite Halloween candies?  Mine are Milky Way and Butterfinger.  I can’t leave out candy corn, though.  It’s irresistible, eating one color at a time.  A couple of years ago, I found some candy cigarettes that were good fun.  It’s too bad those are so hard to find.

Fewer neighborhood kids are showing up since the trend of trick or treating from the backs of minivans and SUVs has become so popular.  It’s a nice idea, but there’s something about walking up to a house to see the decorations and build up the courage to ring the door bell that made Halloween so special to me as a kid.  A parking lot full of hatchbacks with some decorations just isn’t the same.

One family in the neighborhood goes trick or treating with their kids and their friends.  I’ll never forget the first Halloween that I saw them, I went to dump hands full of candy into their bags after their friends walked away, but their kids were standing there without anything to put their candy into.  The mom immediately said their kids aren’t allowed sugar so they can’t have any candy.  I’m looking at their friends that are smiling from ear to ear with their candy and then I look at their kids, and they looked so sad.  Can you imagine not only being denied sugar, but watching your friends come to your neighborhood and hit the candy jackpot?  That’s just wrong.

Enjoy candy this Halloween and hope you get more treats than tricks!