This evening, I got around to running a few errands, saving the grocery store until the end, like most people do because of refrigerated and frozen foods.  I picked up some of my favorite frozen yogurt–Caramel Praline Crunch–Yum!  I love pralines, even faux pralines that some would call an abomination.  That’s a story for another day, though.

We didn’t buy much, and we could have gone through the express lane, but we chose the closest lane instead.  I’ve been in this cashier’s line before and she’s very pleasant.  She gets amused by my buying several boxes of Fruit By The Foot at one time.  It’s something one of my kids eats by the truck-full.   I’ll walk in and find the strips piled 2 feet deep, like someone unwrapped a mummy or something.

She never gets rattled or angry, even if customers are sharp or rude.  She isn’t the fastest checkout person around, but you also won’t get home and find a cantaloupe smashing your flaky croissants.  She does her job well and with a smile.

This evening, we bought several items in glass jars.  When she got to the glass, she looked at us and said, “I’m not being sarcastic, but I love when people buy a bunch of glass stuff.”  She was actually really happy, because I looked at her thinking she had to be joking.

It was so sweet that even doing something monotonous for hours, she was having a blast wrapping everything like it was Christmas Eve.  Do you ever feel your heart smile?  It was one of those moments seeing how happy she was when I never expected anything other than to buy some groceries and head home.

We chuckled with her a little bit and thanked her.  I love those serendipitous moments that just pop up in everyday life.  It’s fun to connect with a fellow human being for a moment in time.

I didn’t have the heart to say, “you can stop now,” after she wrapped everything four times, so we waited.  When she finished wrapping everything, she told us that she’s not OCD, out of the blue.  I didn’t say anything about OCD, I only thanked her for doing a great job.  It made me think, though, that people have probably called her OCD on a regular basis.  Sometimes denial can be endearing and kind of cute, though.

Life is fun and full of all sorts of people.