Do you ever wonder what goes on while you’re sleeping?  Having a bug phobia, I’m convinced the bugs are in hiding, huddled up somewhere.  They wait until the lights are turned off, then they send one to crawl up to see if everyone is asleep.  Pretty sure that once they get the all clear, they have their way with the house.  The geckos have gotten in on the action recently, and I’m totally not cool with it.

A while ago, in the wee hours of the morning/night, I got a call from the surveillance company that there might be a dead guy in the middle of the street.  Apparently, some guy was riding his bike, fell down, moved around a little bit, and then knocked out.

Sure enough, there’s a bike in the middle of the street and a guy on his back with his arms and legs all askew.  He’s so lucky that no one hit him with a car because his bike is dark and so is his clothing, including his shirt that has “North Pole” written on it.

The police are on the way, some restaurant workers are just getting home, and another neighbor is leaving for the graveyard shift.  The police arrive instantly.  It’s a police officer several people know, so it’s all good–except for the guy in the street.

After he gets lightly nudged and some light shining in his face, the guy suddenly wakes up.  When he’s asked where he’s from, it’s a part of town that would be an hour-long bike ride, maybe longer.  He’d have had to go over bridges and all sorts of traffic.

The guy is asked what he’s doing there and for some identification, so he goes to reach into his back pocket.  He realizes he doesn’t want to give his identification because he’s got a warrant for his arrest.  The guy is offering this up freely.  He probably wants to run, but he can’t.  Turns out, he was telling the truth, and he did live as far as he said he did.

Someone breaks out their phone to share pictures of a car they’re restoring.  The floor boards are rusted out, so it’s like a Flintstone car.  Maybe it’s funnier at 4 o’clock in the morning, but it was hilarious at the moment.  Another person works at a really nice restaurant and invites everyone to show up later for dinner.  New neighbors meet old ones, and everyone is happy and safe.

Before going back to bed, I watched the surveillance video.  The guy was riding his bike and doing a great job.  The neighborhood stray cat just so happened to cross the street at the wrong moment.  Maybe it was actually the right moment.  I couldn’t tell if the cat cut him off or if he leaned down to pet it.  Either way, the stray cat might be behind taking out someone from the North Pole this year…it’s probably the busy season, too.